IMPORTANT: Chaingang Announcement

— 1 minute read

Tuesday Chaingang crosses the A64 and Thursday’s route crosses the A166. The ride comes to a COMPLETE STOP before those crossings. Everybody crosses together and restarts after the crossings with everybody together. These are extremely dangerous roads.

VC YORK should be a byword for high riding standards. Aside from good, safe group riding, that means not nipping out in front of cars, not squeezing through gaps and not putting yourself and those around you at risk. Nobody wants to see crashes, injuries or worse happen on a ride.

I regularly hear reports of the group being too big or of some riders being out of their depth. PLEASE be honest with yourself about your ability. Split into smaller groups at the start and get a better, safer training ride.

This is about making a good, safe training ride for everyone. If safety continues to be an issue, we're going to have to have discussions about the future of the ride.