Chaingang 2019

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Chaingang starts again next week (Tuesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd April) at the usual place (B&Q deliveries entrance, Osbaldwick Link Road).

We’re going to try something slightly different this time. Rather than having an ‘A’ and ‘B’ group where the A group turns into a race and half the riders in it end up strung out around the Howardian Hills, we’re having two types of group.

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This group will set off at 6pm and will be for those who on any given Tuesday or Thursday, want a race or a smash fest. It will be hard and fast.

Paceline Group(s) permalink

Setting off from 6:05pm, this will be an actual paceline with structure and order. Depending on numbers, we may have a couple of these going at different speeds. These will still be a tough ride but riders should not be constantly on the limit. Discipline and training are your watchwords here.

Any more experienced riders should share their knowledge with newer riders to break them into the ways of a structured paceline. Please speak up if someone is getting it wrong, it’s for the benefit of everybody’s training that the group stays together.

Here’s a good instructional video about how to ride a paceline.

Separating these two concerns (Race/Train) means you can decide on the day whether you want to be a part of the smash-fest or whether you want to stay a part of a structured group. Please, if you choose the latter, don’t turn it into the former. Think of others.

Routes permalink

For the time being we’re keeping the routes the same as previous years. That means Easingwold on Tuesdays and Pocklington on Thursdays. This may be altered as the season goes on.

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Just a note regarding the ‘Race’ group. It is categorically not a race. It is race training.

See you on the road!